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Why do we need the funds for?

While we already have the funds to get the essential part of the project up and running, there is much more to do.

Con lo recaudado queremos reconocer el valor de quienes aportan su tiempo a generar avances en el campo científico. Además, queremos subsidiar los gastos de transporte hacia el Hospital de Clínicas para los participantes con menores recursos, de esta manera generando mayor accesibilidad al estudio. 

Finally, generate a necessary stock of resources to continue investing in the study and thus ensure long-term sustainability.

The funds would be invested in:

  • Increased number of reagents to further improve the quality of the data obtained
  • Laboratory and research technicians
  • Travel expenses for participants
  • Communication area
  • Complementary clinical analyzes
  • Athenaeum of work team

El monto necesario a cubrir es de $200.000 USD, para poder satisfacer todos estos aspectos.

However, any amount you can contribute adds up.

Can you help us take the project to the next level?

If you want to consult us or chat with us about this, write to us at funding@microbiar.org

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“Today’s world requires from us constant adaptability and teamwork. In Microbiar, we promote this philosophy with a basis on a scientific vanguard that cares for what matters the most: our health”.
Juan Pablo Bustamante
Head of Research

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